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When you're gone, the pain will pass on
When you have finish suffocating yourself, the constriction will hold onto others
Your loved ones, your friends, your disciples, they shatter at your eclipse
Pain is a cycle, pass it on, pass it on
On the morrow your funeral will begin
The tears of your beloved drench your soggy rotten flesh
She passes it on to her new love when she moved on from you
Everything changes and everything will remain the same, pass it on, pass it on

Yesterday, was your scarlet letter
Written in shades of black and blue
Stained with the blood, that will pump in the heart of your beloved

She mourned you, but she forgot you
She mourned you with her somber ways of grief



from Everhaus, released November 20, 2016
SupraNatural: Vocals

Promethean: Gutiars

Noctem Aeternus: Bass, Programming Drums, Effects, Mixing/Mastering

La Cachette: Lyrics

TheMetalThrone: Album Cover, Band Logo



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Black Mutiny Baltimore, Maryland

Black Mutiny is a Black Metal band from Baltimore, Maryland. Taking on the "Raw Black Metal" style, Black Mutiny has released an EP and a a Full Length Album, thus far. Their EP titled "Misery" was released in September of 2016. Their Debut album, titled "Everhaus" was released in November of 2016. Major influences of the band include Darkthrone, Burzum, Wolves In The Throne Room, Noctem Aeternus. ... more

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