by Black Mutiny

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Everhaus! The Debut Album by the Raw Black Metal band, Black Mutiny!


released November 20, 2016

SupraNatural: Vocals

Promethean: Gutiars

Noctem Aeternus: Bass, Programming Drums, Effects, Mixing/Mastering

La Cachette: Lyrics

TheMetalThrone: Album Cover, Band Logo



all rights reserved


Black Mutiny Baltimore, Maryland

Black Mutiny is a Black Metal band from Baltimore, Maryland. Taking on the "Raw Black Metal" style, Black Mutiny has released an EP and a a Full Length Album, thus far. Their EP titled "Misery" was released in September of 2016. Their Debut album, titled "Everhaus" was released in November of 2016. Major influences of the band include Darkthrone, Burzum, Wolves In The Throne Room, Noctem Aeternus. ... more

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Track Name: Fallen Portrait
Charred up, burned, covered up failing cobwebs. I smeared my shit and blood on a frame,
before I transcended and became

For you I painted this self portrait of my untimely death, with a noose around my neck,
and a shiv up my ass so I surely bled, I drew this image for you, to reap and haunt those who I once loved,
whom forgot, of whose spirits now must go with me

Stare into this image, what do you feel? The stench of death has encompassed your heart. Mourn me,
feel me, this once was a life...
Track Name: The Decay
When my skin begins to rot
I could feel it’s earthly decay
And I could smell it’s ordure
My time was now on hold

I began the funeral song
I hummed it quietly through the voice of the wind
Wondering how they would take my demise
Would this remain only my grief?

Now my voice is deeper
With the cracks and immortal silence of a dead man
I could feel his voice within me
As he reached out for me in nothingness

He told me I would be alright
For a brief moment I had been disillusioned
Track Name: Lament Of The Phoenix Of Grief
My prophecy was to fall, deep below the fathomless pits of hades,
My wings were to flutter in a barrage of hopelessness, only to twitch,
For me to fall further infinitely in a hopelessness struggle as you stand above me

I once had a dream that I rose above the ashes of my remains
And shattered the skies and solars rays, but I'm a phoenix of grief
And must continue to fall and fall to an intangible grave
To no shelter, to no funeral, in my forgotten tomb
Track Name: Everhaus
My death was an orchid, a hallowed blooming branch of kinetic lust
There was infinite doors left open for me, I found my escape in a moment's time
Here are the halls stained by my sacred ichor
Here is the stench of my rotting ordure
Here are my words carved onto this portrait, of my ill planned death that was oh too soon
You came here here to mourn this demise, but you had nothing to remember us for
You brought roses that smelt of a shanty's pity
Wondering into my quarters to collect your things (get out)
Track Name: Black Plateau
Track Name: Scarlet Letters With Streaks Of Black And Blue
I sent you a letter with a coat of lavish scarlet
In the ingrained piece was streaks of black and blue
life cheated me in this lifetime as would a harlot
In the omnipresence of a tame shrew
My dirge is a call to you
In the depths of your new love
My dirge is a coup
To your years of waging war
Track Name: À Autres Lunes Nous Regarderons
From different moons I gazed in my lifetime, their glare rendered of shades red and black
Of a light people weren't fond of my company, neither was I

At a different time we started our lives
You settling down married, sadistic to your lover
I ended mine rather quickly
Track Name: Grief
When you're gone, the pain will pass on
When you have finish suffocating yourself, the constriction will hold onto others
Your loved ones, your friends, your disciples, they shatter at your eclipse
Pain is a cycle, pass it on, pass it on
On the morrow your funeral will begin
The tears of your beloved drench your soggy rotten flesh
She passes it on to her new love when she moved on from you
Everything changes and everything will remain the same, pass it on, pass it on

Yesterday, was your scarlet letter
Written in shades of black and blue
Stained with the blood, that will pump in the heart of your beloved

She mourned you, but she forgot you
She mourned you with her somber ways of grief